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Dr. Mark Dudley DC-QNCP

Chiropractor | Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner
Physical Medicine | Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Mark Dudley is a local chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner. He graduated from Parker University in 1995. Dr. Dudley specializes in Quantum Neurology which is a treatment designed to up regulate the nervous system in order to allow the body to fully express itself in health and wellness. Dr. Dudley's healing journey started long before he was born. In a small town in Alberta, Canada. His grandfather was paralyzed from the neck down in an automobile accident. 6 months after the accident he was finally able to return to his family and the farm, a broken man. Dr. Dudley's grandmother was not a quitter, she worked extensively with the Native Americans whose tribal land bordered their farm with herbs, sweat lodges and different approaches to health. The family knew a chiropractor that came and worked on him daily for 2 years. Obviously he was not a quitter either, after the two years, he was able to get on his tractor and farmed for another 20 years. This approach to wellness influenced Dr Dudley's father and uncle to become chiropractors. They were also some of the early doctors to bring acupuncture to Alberta, Canada. As a result not only is Dr. Dudley a chiropractor, but two of his brother and over 20 cousins went into the profession. It is Dr Dudley's purpose to help as many people as possible to obtain optimum health through natural means. His hope is to teach patients and their families healthy lifestyle techniques, so they can help themselves and in turn help others.

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